In a report dubbed as “The Clash of the Titans report 2017” Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software emerged a top gainer moving up the rankings as the newest most preferred ERP software. The biggest breakthrough for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions is the fact that in the report, it finally managed to beat an ERP vendor giant Oracle in several years and promises to give SAP a run for its money.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software has made a huge push in the mid-size markets in the recent days and looked to make even bigger strides in the days to come. Perhaps some of the reasons the software emerged a market favorite and why other ERP software vendors should keep an eye on it include:

1. Single platform to pay for specific solutions

Unlike many ERP solutions that offer solutions in a package, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution brings about some form of flexibility by allowing customers a single platform to pay for only the solutions they need which could vary from sales, marketing, customer service, among others.

2. Popularity of Microsoft products

Many people who have used Microsoft products before are more likely to want to try out the ERP software product since having past experiences with Microsoft; they feel it’s a solution they can trust. Also, the fact that Microsoft is a tech giant, it’s likely their customer base is huge and if they can manage to convince all their clients that their ERP software solutions are the best, then the odds would turn in their favor.

3. Unification tools in Microsoft products

Microsoft has for many years managed to bring together most of their features and integrate. The smooth unification of tools and features in Microsoft products could easily convince customers of the capabilities powers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software as the ultimate ERP solution. Contact us for more details.