Microsoft Dynamics 365 added another powerful, workhorse dimension when the Redmond Giant acquired LinkedIn last December: the CRM suite will integrate seamlessly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reveal new opportunities for users in mining “professional networks and relationships.”

For sales teams, and HR pros,  this new component is intended to enhance the capabilities of LinkedIn as both a “lead generation and recruitment engine” in the Microsoft stack of enterprise software.

 Dynamics 365 CRM and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The first tool, the integration of Dynamics 365 CRM and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, will provide sales departments the capability of tapping into LinkedIn’s database of “500 million users.”

Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 will dramatically increase the effectiveness of salespeople by tapping into their professional networks and relationships, giving them the ability to improve their pipeline…,” Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, executive vice president for the Cloud and Enterprise Group

Moreover, businesses can rely on Office 365Dynamics 365 and  LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a single, database management system to reveal insights into “people at your company and target compan(ies).”

The second new tool within Dynamics 365

The second new tool within Dynamics 365 will be welcomed by HR departments: the HR management component allows decision-makers to “source, recruit, onboard and retain employees.”

In the past, business owners were limited in their attempts to develop sales and recruitment strategies. Legacy options usually meant searching silos of information residing on an array of computers, or in isolated folders. In short, the lack of connectivity with all of these sources resulted in inefficient and questionable outcomes.

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