Dynamics 365 Business Edition for SMBs

Dynamics 365 for The Business Owner

The Business Owner’s Core Responsibilities usually include:

  • How to manage cash
  • Target and attract new customers
  • Maintain relationship with existing customers
  • Control expenses
  • Hire and retain good employees
  • Reduce time required to analyze sales and financials
  • Quickly resolve problems with payments from customers

In this demo for the Business Owner, we will show that user role how to:

  • Use KPI’s to check the health of the business
  • Manage Cash inflows and outflows
  • Identify current trends and opportunities
  • Review Customer Payments and Receivables


Make sure your future ERP Solution has the right features for you!

Dynamics 365 demo

Dynamics 365
for the Accountant

dynamics 365 demo for bookkeeper

Dynamics 365
for the Bookkeeper

dynamics 365 demo for sales rep

Dynamics 365
for the Sales Rep

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Dynamics 365 workflows and productivity integration automate many of the critical tasks and process upon which a business depends upon. Thus providing greater control over how the staff works and greater freedom to leverage their time.

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